One of the greatest changes to Samsung’s Galaxy S8 is the evacuation of the physical home catch — a choice made to press however much screen as could be expected onto the front of the phone. However, S8 proprietors have seen something extremely surprising about the gadget’s new weight touchy programming catch. It moves.

This development isn’t especially detectable on an everyday premise, except in the event that you stick something onto the phone’s screen as a source of perspective point, you can obviously observe the catch move forward and backward, somewhat. These photographs by means of Dutch site GalaxyClub demonstrate it all the more unmistakably:In any case, why is this occurrence?

The best clarification (and one that has been kind of-affirmed by the Samsung Netherlands official Twitter record) is that the home catch moves to maintain a strategic distance from screen consume in. This is an issue normally connected with old CRT screens, and happens when a solitary picture is left on-screen for a really long time, making a changeless “phantom” on the show. This issue was really what prompted the making of screensavers, the first utilization of which was to change the pixels on the show, keeping any static picture being appeared for a really long time.

Albeit a large portion of us absolutely never consider screen consume in any more, it can at present be an issue with OLED shows like the one utilized as a part of the S8. Smartwatches with OLED screens can experience the ill effects of consume in as well, on the grounds that their presentations are regularly left on at a high shine with static components appearing (like parts of the watch confront). That is the reason Google’s Android Wear has a “show consume in assurance” setting for designers that moves the show interface forward and backward, in spite of the fact that it’s not by any means an issue for standard clients.

In this way, while the S8’s rearranging home catch may appear to be odd, it’s doing its move to secure your screen.