These days privacy have been the most important stuff to everyone for their own reasons. Everybody set a password to unlock their phone to avoid unauthorized access to their device. It’s a good thing to make it secure but problem occurs when you forget your password or you can’t remember. In such bad times, only thing that comes in mind is to factory reset the phone so that you can start all over again with new password.Here’s how to factory reset iPhone without password.

Today I am sharing an easy approach to factory reset iphone without password. If you have forgot your password or either have bought a new iphone from someone else that is protected or there may be any reason you want to factory reset your iphone and don’t know the password, You are at the right place.

Before we proceed with steps to tackle with this issue, you need to make sure that your phone don’t have iCloud Activation, because if it’s activated then that means when you do reset your phone you won’t be able to login. It will ask you for the Password. Let’s get started to factory reset iphone without password.

Steps to factory reset iPhone without password

You will need:

  1. iTunes Installed on your PC.
  2. USB Cable

Once you’ve the above mentioned things, you are ready to proceed. This method works on all iphones to factory reset iphone without password. It’s only not tested on the newly launched iphone 7.

Step 1: First of all we will turn off the phone. What we will keep holding Sleep/wake Button and Slide altogether to power off.

Step 2: Start iTunes on your computer and make sure USB Cable is attached. Now Hold Home Button and then insert USB data Cable into your iphone.

Step 3: Once you will be presented with Connect to iTunes screen on your iphone release the Home Button. iTunes on your computer should detect the iphone in Recovery Mode. You would see something like below Picture on your to factory reset iphone without password

Step 4: Basically what it says is to reset the Software to Factory standard. So Now go ahead and Click on Restore then Restore and Update.  Note that all the data will be lost.

Step 5: iTunes will extract the software and you can see the progress bar as well. Now just hold on and wait for the software to do it’s job.

Step 6: Once extracting completes, it will then begin installing on your phone automatically.

Step 7: Once the phone is restored. It’s software will be new as you buy a brand new phone. Now you can configure the basic startup configurations.

You would be able to create a new password for your iphone with ease. Hope you’ve done all greate and came to know how to factory reset iphone without passoword. Cheers..!